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EPDM Acoustic rubber strip (SE-BEC)

Description and uses


Our acoustic bands are self-adhesive membranes made of EPDM CR-130 Microcellular (ethylene propylene diene rubber), an elastomer with excelent acoustic insulation properties. It is also a material with good performance against atmospheric agents, acids or chemical products, and with very low thermal conductivity.


It is used in the installation of construction systems with laminated plasterboard to avoid contamination by vibro-mechanical energy to the rest of the building.


It prevents the transmission of structural noise (impact noise) that may happen between the different rooms of the building and also improves airborne noise insulation.




In systems with laminated plasterboard, the EPDM band is placed on the perimeter of linings, ceilings or acoustic partitions, that is, in all the edges, to seal hermetically the system.


In order to decouple rigid connections and/or avoid sound leakages, it is very important that the strip has the appropriate width. That is, the sum of the width of the constructive system plus the width of the set of plasterboards. Therefore, the thickness and width of the band to be choosed will depend on the parts of the system to be installed.


It is recommended to use the acoustic band together with acoustic dampers to achieve the best results. For lining and partition walls, the use of TAV-500/11 or TMT-50 R dampers is strongly recommended, avoiding the use of direct fixings with screws, which has a negative impact on sound insulation.


Main advantages


- Effective for acoustic and thermal insulation.


- Resistance to abrasion and wear.


- Ease of installation.


- Great adherence.


- Very durable material


- Elasticity and resistance.


- Correcting ground imperfections.


- Hermetically seals the construction system.





We have a wide variety of acoustic bands adapted to different construction systems. It is sold in rolls of 20 or 10 m. Listed below are some of our most commonly used bands


5 mm thickness band:


  • SE-BEC-5x48
  • SE-BEC-5x70
  • SE-BEC-5x80
  • SE-BEC-5x90
  • SE-BEC-5x100



8 mm thickness band:


  • SE-BEC-8x80
  • SE-BEC-8x100
  • SE-BEC-8x120
  • SE-BEC-8x135



6 mm thickness band:


  • SE-BEC-6x80
  • SE-BEC-6x120



10 mm thickness band:


  • SE-BEC-10x48
  • SE-BEC-10x100
  • SE-BEC-10x130



Constructive solutions and recommended bands


The following examples have been calculated with two 13 mm plasterboard + 4 mm bituminous sheet + SE-MONT-BICAPA-40. Width of the set of these materials: 3.5 cm.


- Direct wall lining system (FTD OMEGA or FTD NIVEL 47): Required band width: 5 cm. Recommended band: SE-BEC-5x48


- Self-supporting wall lining system with a 48 mm structure (SE-3800/01 TD1+TA or SE-3802/03 TD1 + SE-TAV-500/11): Band width required: 8.5 cm. Recommended band: SE-BEC-5x90


- Self-supporting wall lining system with a 70 mm structure (SE-3800/01 TD1+TA o SE-3802/03 TD1 + SE-TAV-500/11): Required band width: 10.5 cm. Recommended band: SE-BEC-6x120


- Self-supporting partition wall with 48 mm structure (SE-TAV-500/11): Required band width: 12 cm. Recommended band: SE-BEC-6x120


- Self-supporting partition wall with 48 mm double structure (SE-7600/02 TB2 o SE-8600/02 TB3 + SE-TAV-500/11): Required band width: 8,5 cm. Recommended band: SE-BEC-5x90 (in each metal channel)


- Acoustic ceiling with 47 mm profile and double structure (SE-4360/47 DS or others + SE-F/RAPID 47DS): Required band width: 9 cm. Recommended band: SE-BEC-5x90


These recommandations should be an example because of the band thickness will depend on the heigh of the building solution. (more heigh more weigth so the band width should be higher). Please don’t hesitate to contact with the Technical Department for more information:




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