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F/RAPID DS2: channel intersection connector

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Description and uses


The F-RAPID DS designed and produced by SENOR is a connecting piece for primary and secondary metal channels also known as channel intersection connector. It is made of 1,5 mm high quality galvanized steel DX51D + Z275 MAC. This is the only channel intersection connector including locking device (DS) which provides the best channels fastening.


It main purpose is the primary and secondary 47 or 60 mm metal channels connection in the installation of suspended ceiling.




SE-F/RAPID 47DS2: 47 mm channel intersection connector

This product is available in 100 units boxes.

SE-F/RAPID 60DS2: 62 mm channel intersection connector

This product is available in 50 units boxes.


Main benefits


- Its 1,5 mm thickness provides more security than the common channel intersection connectors which usually are 1 mm thickness or even less.


- The double locking device (DS) guarantee the fastening between channels.


- Thanks to its design the installation is fast. It can be moved along by channel to be placed in the right positioning.


- It becomes an acoustic insulator adding a polymer (rubber) in its metal frame.




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