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Description and uses


The TAV-500/11 designed and produced by SENOR is an antivibration acoustic plug made of a polymer(rubber) and a cold rolled steel DC04 bowl-shaped of 1,6 mm thickness with a zinc-patinated finish.


There are two models: TAV-500/11 A for floor and wall fastening and TAV-500/11 R for ceiling fastening.


Its main purpose is the soundproofing of wall partition and wall lining systems (channels and studs). The TAV-500/11 is used to fix the channels in the perimeter providing elasticity to the system. In order to get the best acoustic results, it is crucial to use it. In this way, the metal frame is isolated totally. The screws do not come into contact with channels, avoiding the vibration transmission between the original building structure and wall partition or wall lining systems.


The acoustic rubber EPDM strip is recommended to get a perfect sealing of both wall partition or wall lining system. The width of this acoustic rubber strip should be the addition of the width of metal frame plus the thickness of plasterboards. 




SE-TAV-500/11 A: floor and wall mount (metric 12)

SE-TAV-500/11 R: ceiling mount (metric 12)

(They are supplied with 55 mm length (3.5 mm thickness) screws and 6 mm nylon wall plugs)



Main benefits


- It provides an excellent soundproofing.


- It avoids vibration transmission between building’s original walls and wall partition or wall lining system.


- The use of TAV-500/11 together with acoustic rubber strip provides acoustic and thermal sealing to the partition wall or wall lining system.


- The maximum elasticity is obtained using TAV-500/11 and wall mounts for studs.





To install this acoustic plug it is necessary to make a hole in the channel with a 12,5 mm drill bit. The use of a step drill bit is recommended to make easier the installation. 


The TAV/500 11 is used for the fastening of channels to original building structure (wall, ceiling and floor).




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