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Installation of direct wall lining system with FTD SENOR products

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Nowadays, many people live everyday with outside noises that come into their homes, such as neighbours’ noise, traffic, worksites, etc.  To get the best rest and forget noises, a soundproofing treatment is essential. Building a direct wall lining system is one of the options that can resolve the problem of annoying noises. With the solution here mentioned you won’t need too much space and it will attenuate vibration and airborne and impact noise. Usually, this wall lining system is used in flats, small houses, hotels, between others.



-        Wall with 2,5 m height x 4 m length = 10 m2

-        Distance between steel channels: 60 cm

-        Steel channels installed vertically (it could be in horizontal, too).

-        It is recommended plastering the wall with mortar.

-        Although it is recommended not to drill the wall lining system to avoid losing sealing, in this case, we will drill it because of it is a house and conduits and pipes the facilities will be hidden, even if this means a loss of soundproofing.



1º. Installation of pipes and conduits. 

2º. Fixing a multi-layer material to the wall. It is composed of a felt sticked in both sides to a high-density bituminous sheet of 4 mm, such as ChovACOUSTIC PLUS FIELTEX, DANOFON, TECSOUND 2FT or similar. It provides absorption coefficient and mass. 10 m2 will be required. 

3º. Installation of wall mounts (screwed). Two possible models: SE-FTD OMEGA for omega channel or SE-FTD NIVEL 47 for 47 mm channel in case of unevenness walls (it facilitates the levelling of the surface). 3 mounts per channel are required: 1 mount in the middle; 1 mount each 30 cm from the ceiling and 1 mount each 30 cm from the floor. The mount will provide elasticity to the system. 24 units will be required. 

4º. Acoustic band SE-BEC 5x48 in the perimeter. It provides sealing. 13 ml (linear meters) will be required. 

5º. Installation of channels providing rigidity. 8 channels of 2,5 m length will be required. 

6º. Decouple band SE-MONT-BICAPA 40 in the channels to attenuate vibrations between plasterboards and channels. 20 ml will be required. 

7º. Screwed first layer of 15 mm plasterboards. It is sealed with joint paper tape and paste. 3.5 plasterboards of 2.5 m x 1.2 m will be required. 

8º. High-density bituminous sheet of 4 mm between plasterboards (such as ViscoLAM 65, MAD 4, INSOPLAST or similar). It provides mass. 10 m2 will be required. 

9º. Screwed second layer of 13 mm plasterboards. It is sealed with joint paper tape and paste. 3.5 plasterboards of 2.5 m x 1.2 m will be required. 



We always recommend soundproof all sides of the building element (wall, ceiling, or floor). Therefore, we will obtain the best soundproofing results and avoid flanking noise. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you required further information: 



SENOR products are designed to be installed easily and to provide maximum security.

In order to reach the best soundproofing results, we must know the main factors of acoustic insulation.

The report hereby does not justify the building solution that is going to be carried out under certain environmental conditions. SENOR has made its efforts to ensure that the products are useful. However, this is not substitute for good engineering judgement that is the user responsibility.




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