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F/RAPID DS2: channel intersection connector


Description and uses   The F-RAPID DS designed and produced by SENOR is a connecting piece for primary and secondary metal channels also known as channel intersection connector. It is made of 1,5 mm high quality galvanized steel DX51D + Z275 MAC. This is the only channel intersection connector including locking device (DS) which provides the best channels fastening.   It main purpose is the primary and secondary 47 or 60 mm metal channels connection in the installation of suspended ceiling.   References   SE-F/RAPID 47DS2: 47 mm channel intersection connector This product is available in 100 units boxes. SE-F/RAPID 60DS2: 62 mm channel intersection connector This product is available in 50 units boxes.   Main benefits   - Its 1,5 mm thickness provides more security than the common channel intersection connectors which usually are 1 mm thickness or even less.   - The double locking d...

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Roller bushing: SE-CGT-M6


Description and uses   The CGT, designed and produced by SENOR, is a polypropylene roller bushing with a special nut (nut + washer). Due to the polypropylene, thermal break is obtained, it avoids cold and hot transmission. The ability to rotate allows the easy leveling.   Its main purpose is to hang suspended ceilings with metal channel such as Stil Prim 50 (Placo), PH-45 (Pladur), Perfil Sierra SR (Knauf) or similars. This piece is sold with M6 threaded hole.   Installation   In order to install the bushing, it is necessary to enlarge the channel’s hole with a 11 mm drill bit. It is very simple and fast. Since the bushing and nut’s head is bigger than the 11 mm borehole, security is guaranteed.   Reference   SE-CGT-M6: Roller bushing (metric 6) This product is available in 100 units bags.   Main benefits   - Fast and easy installation.   - Low-cost product. &...

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Fastening accessory: SE-SR & SE-SRC


Description and uses    This fastening accessory, designed and produced by SENOR is made of 2 mm cold rolled steel DC04 with a zinc-patinated finish. Its convex part allows to correct any unevenness. Unlike others fastening accessories, this piece has two anchor points, which provides more safety.    Its main purpose is to hang gypsum ceiling systems and/or heavy objects from the ceiling, such as FCU’s  or ducts. It can be used in timber, concrete or iron. This baseplate is available with or without an acoustic EPDM CR-130 rubber strip on the back. It is sold with M6 or M8 threaded hole.   References    SE-SR-M6: Anchor plate (metric 6)  SE-SR-M8: Anchor plate (metric 8)  SE-SRC-M6: Anchor plate with EPDM CR-130 strip (metric 6) SE-SRC-M8: Anchor plate with EPDM CR-130 strip (metric 8) This product is available in 75 units boxes   Main benefits    ...

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Clip FTD OMEGA for walls and ceilings


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