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NOISE problems at home. A REAL CASE


This video describes a situation that unfortunately is very common in housings. Noise is a cause of discomfort and reduces quality of life. Not being able to sleep or rest causes a bad mood and decreases performance, concentration, alters personality, leads to health problems, etc. Dry construction (with plasterboard + anti-vibration mounts) is the most effective, quick, easy and lowest cost solution. The results are evident after soundproofing. Our clients attest to this, they enjoy restful nights and can be calm in their home.

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Introduction to our ACOUSTIC MOUNTS


Definition: Anti vibration mounts absorb and dampen vibrations. Either reducing the vibration transmission (especially structure borne sound)  in building structures such as ceilings, linings, partitions and floors or attenauting vibrations produced by machinery, drastically reducing the vibration and noise output of an equipment.   Categories: SENOR, after more than 25 years of experience manufacturing mounts and after having carried out countless acoustic laboratory tests, divides them into two categories: - Polymeric mounts (rubber): to attenuate sounds in medium/high frequencies. - Hybrid mounts (rubber and spring): to attenuate sounds in low/medium/high frequencies. The rubber provides vibration isolation in the medium/high frequency range meanwhile the spring (steel spiral) provides a high degree of isolation in the low/medium frequency range.   Features: Mounts should be able to work freely in elongation ...

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Installation of direct wall lining system with FTD SENOR products


Nowadays, many people live everyday with outside noises that come into their homes, such as neighbours’ noise, traffic, worksites, etc.  To get the best rest and forget noises, a soundproofing treatment is essential. Building a direct wall lining system is one of the options that can resolve the problem of annoying noises. With the solution here mentioned you won’t need too much space and it will attenuate vibration and airborne and impact noise. Usually, this wall lining system is used in flats, small houses, hotels, between others.   EXAMPLE AND ADVICE  -        Wall with 2,5 m height x 4 m length = 10 m2 -        Distance between steel channels: 60 cm -        Steel channels installed vertically (it could be in horizontal, too). -        It is recommended plasteri...

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Sick and tired of noisy neighbours?


  Your house should be your sanctuary, a place of rest and peace. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from noise disturbance inside our homes. Footsteps, music, loud conversations, dragging furniture, pets...these are just some of the noisesthat invade your room. Perhaps it is time to carry out acoustic insulation so that silence reigns again in your house. For this we must carry out an acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling and even on the floor. Gypsum board systems are the most effective and used in soundproofing. The first point to consider is that noise is differentiated into two types.  Noise transmitted via air is called airborne noise while the noise that is transmitted through solid objects and surfaces is called structure-borne or impact noise. So  we must create a system that attenuates both types of noise to be really effective. That is the reason why acoustic mounts (anti-vibration systems) are...

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