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Sick and tired of noisy neighbours?


  Your house should be your sanctuary, a place of rest and peace. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from noise disturbance inside our homes. Footsteps, music, loud conversations, dragging furniture, pets...these are just some of the noisesthat invade your room. Perhaps it is time to carry out acoustic insulation so that silence reigns again in your house. For this we must carry out an acoustic treatment on the walls and ceiling and even on the floor. Gypsum board systems are the most effective and used in soundproofing. The first point to consider is that noise is differentiated into two types.  Noise transmitted via air is called airborne noise while the noise that is transmitted through solid objects and surfaces is called structure-borne or impact noise. So  we must create a system that attenuates both types of noise to be really effective. That is the reason why acoustic mounts (anti-vibration systems) are...

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EPDM Acoustic rubber strip (SE-BEC)


Description and uses   Our acoustic bands are self-adhesive membranes made of EPDM CR-130 Microcellular (ethylene propylene diene rubber), an elastomer with excelent acoustic insulation properties. It is also a material with good performance against atmospheric agents, acids or chemical products, and with very low thermal conductivity.   It is used in the installation of construction systems with laminated plasterboard to avoid contamination by vibro-mechanical energy to the rest of the building.   It prevents the transmission of structural noise (impact noise) that may happen between the different rooms of the building and also improves airborne noise insulation.   Installation   In systems with laminated plasterboard, the EPDM band is placed on the perimeter of linings, ceilings or acoustic partitions, that is, in all the edges, to seal hermetically the system.   In order to decouple rigid con...

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Andalusia Excellence Award


David Muñoz, head of the R+D department & María Carmen López, CEO   afronta el reto de seguir mejorando cada día con ilusión y con la voluntad de contribuir a una mejor calidad de vida.  

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Description and uses   The TAV-500/11 designed and produced by SENOR is an antivibration acoustic plug made of a polymer(rubber) and a cold rolled steel DC04 bowl-shaped of 1,6 mm thickness with a zinc-patinated finish.   There are two models: TAV-500/11 A for floor and wall fastening and TAV-500/11 R for ceiling fastening.   Its main purpose is the soundproofing of wall partition and wall lining systems (channels and studs). The TAV-500/11 is used to fix the channels in the perimeter providing elasticity to the system. In order to get the best acoustic results, it is crucial to use it. In this way, the metal frame is isolated totally. The screws do not come into contact with channels, avoiding the vibration transmission between the original building structure and wall partition or wall lining systems.   The acoustic rubber EPDM strip is recommended to get a perfect sealing of both wall partition or wall lini...

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3800/TD1 + TA AND 3801/TD1 + TA


  Description and uses The models 3800 y 3801 TD1 + TA, designed and manufactured by SENOR, are wall mounts to build acoustic wall lining systems. They are made of a high quality polymer (rubber) which allows to decrease vibrations and isolate sound frequencies, a galvanized steel DX51D + Z275 MAC bracket and a screw (7 cm) with a nylon wall plug used to hold wall mount to the wall lining system. The 3800 TD1 + TA bracket is 1,5 mm thickness. Its use is to build wall lining system with more than 10 cm air chamber. The 3801 TD1 + TA bracket is 0,8 mm thickness. Its use is to build wall lining system with less than 10 cm air chamber. When fixed to the stud, the rest of the bracket can be folded with your owns hands (see images on the back). Both are used to isolate wall lining system with self-supporting metal structure (channels and studs) from original wall. They are placed in vertical studs. References SE-3800/TD1 + TA: 1,5...

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Description and uses   The TRN-70 designed and produced by SENOR is a fastening piece made of 1.5 mm thickness high quality galvanized steel DX51D + Z275 MAC. It has a polypropylene bushing with a special nut (nut + washer). Thanks to the bushing material, thermal break is obtained. The special nut provides security in the event of overtemperature or overload.   Its main application is suspended ceiling installation using metal channels such as T-15, T24 or similars.   References   SE-TRN/704-M4: fastening piece (metric 4) SE-TRN/706-M6: fastening piece (metric 6) This product is available in 20 and 200 units boxes.   Main benefits   - Easy and fast installation.   - It does not conduct electricity.   - It provides thermal break which avoids cold and heat transmission. Minimal loss of space.   - It avoids condensations from temperature changes.   - Nuts are not ne...

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