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How to eliminate noise between one house and another


  Last Thursday, July 9, 2020, together with ChovA, specialists in waterproofing and insulation systems, we organized a freeWebinar focused on how noise is transmitted between homes and finding the most effective solution to avoid it. With practical demonstration! Click here to see video: Free webinar organized together with ChovA, specialists in waterproofing and insulation systems, focused on how noise is transmitted between homes and the most effective solutions to avoid it. With practical demonstration included.    

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SENOR solidarity


  SENOR collaborates with the GRUPO SOLIDARIDAD PALMEÑA DE ALIMENTOS, making a contribution of different food products to help the most disadvantaged families as a consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We wish to thank all the Associations that are part of the Group, as well as all the people who voluntarily and altruistically work to help in times of difficulty. No doubt, their actions strengthen us as a society.  

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FTV MURAL: wall mount for ducts


  This is a latest generation carbon steel wall mount, equipped with a hybrid damping system (spring + rubber). It makes it possible to decouple and separate from the original wall any type of duct, whether it is ventilation or fluid.   Its objective is to eradicate all types of vibromechanical energy pollution from these types of installations. Thus avoiding the propagation of induced noise waves and reducing vibrations to the rest of the building.   It is therefore a damping system with higher concentrated performance. It combines the best of the helical properties of steel and the damping of the “MEGOL” polymer.   In addition, it has an ANTI-ROLLING AXLE in stainless steel. Its geometry and design enhance the performance of the hybrid system and prevent the unit from tipping over in the event of uncontrolled lateral forces resulting from climatic agents such as hurricane force winds, storms and ...

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SENOR + CHOVA EI120 Acoustic ceiling


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International construction fair: BATIMAT PARIS 2019


SENOR a world leader in the design and manufacture of acoustic insulators (anti-vibration systems), for the Construction and Industry sectors, will be present at the main construction fair in the world: BATIMAT PARIS 2019. Which is celebrated from Monday 4th to Friday 8th of November 2019 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Hall. BATIMAT celebrates its 60th anniversary and brings together the leading manufacturers in the sector.  SENOR has a 100 m2 stand, where visitors can discover our latest news and solutions, as well as enjoy an appetizer. As in every edition, we try to do our best, and thanks to a long process of effort and dedication, we wait impatiently for it to open its doors. We are sure that those who visit us, will receive an unbeatable treatment and will be able to observe and appreciate all the advantages of our products.  Batimat, like in every edition is presented as an opportunity to strengthen trade tie...

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SENOR receives an award as the most innovative enterprise, granted by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Palma del Río (EMPA)


SENOR, a pioneering company in the acoustic isolation field, aims to develop anti-vibration systems which fulfill their purpose impeccably, not only improving the already existing ones but also designing new solutions for new problems posed by the market. SENOR has accomplished to reduce enormously the installation time of all of its products, which means a great benefit for installers, a before and after. This would not be possible without the innovative spirit of all its staff, specially its R&DDepartment, as well as the advanced technology integrated in its production systems. For SENOR, innovation is not a challenge, but a fact day by day. To all those people who make possible the reality that today is SENOR, thank you.

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