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Manufacturer of Anti-vibration systems.
Performance & Design pushing the limits.

Technology from Andalusia

Avoid the domino effect by installing SENOR insulators.

After years of study and research, we are able to launch various vibration elimination tools for both construction and industrial sector. A revolutionary system that allows the constructive solution to be installed, both on ceilings, walls, floors and machinery, to be fully fixed. Our devices prevent any construction system from detaching from its location due to any contingency, such as a bad calculation of the weight distribution, the failure of one of the fixing mechanisms or simply a fire, thus avoiding further damage. This range, totally new and patented, is called DS and ANTI ROLL SYSTEM, (It is the most advanced security device of the moment).

About us
(SENOR Spain)

We eradicate noise and vibrations

The SENOR project began in 1995, with limited means but infinite ambitions for the future.

Now, after more than 25 years of hard work and strong commitment, we are proud that we have contributed our bit in the improvement of people's quality of life. As we have contributed along these years to the eradication of one of the main causes of unease and discomfort that we currently have to put up with: noise and vibration pollution.



Polígono Industrial El Garrotal
Parcela 10 - Módulos 4 y 5, CP. 14700
Palma del Rio (Córdoba) España
Apdo. Correos: 226
Tlfo: (+34) 957 32 51 06 - 07
Customer service schedule:
Monday to Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


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